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EOCYCLE 25 – High reliability and minimal maintenance

22 Sep 2014’

The EOCYCLE 25 wind turbine: high reliability and minimal maintenance that translates into higher availability and better return on investment.

In a presentation made last June at the Small Wind Conference held at Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Eocycle stressed the importance for clients to seek small wind turbines that are highly reliable and require minimal maintenance. Unlike large wind turbines which generally benefit from the constant attention of technician crews, small wind turbines must operate reliably and require minimal interventions to achieve availability levels that will deliver the expected financial returns and payback periods.

High availability resulting from frequent maintenance and quick response time is neither cost effective nor suitable for small wind. For Eocycle, reliability is critical for small wind turbines to be effective and truly valuable. As an example, a 25 kW wind turbine that exhibits an availability of 88% instead of 98% and that will cost $5,625 instead of $1,125 on average in yearly maintenance will have a simple payback of 24.5 years instead of 8 years when assessed for average North American conditions.

With its fixed-pitch rotor blades, direct-drive design, maintenance-free permanent-magnet generator and high-quality power electronics, the EOCYCLE 25 wind turbine design is simple, robust, and reduces the amount of moving parts to require minimal maintenance over its entire lifetime.

For more information about the presentation made by Eocycle at the Small Wind Conference 2014, please visit this link:

For more information about the EOCYCLE 25 wind turbine, please click here:

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