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Eocycle successfully completes first installation in Denmark/Europe

25 Nov 2015’

Eocycle Technologies Inc., designer and manufacturer of the innovative EOCYCLE 25 wind turbine, successfully completed its first installation in Denmark/Europe last September.

The innovative Eocycle wind turbine is the only one of its size providing direct-drive and variable-speed technology, thereby making it possible to modulate the  energy yield according to local requirements. In the case of Denmark, the wind turbine can also work well at 10 kW and 25 kW simply by changing the settings of its control software. This feature allows owners of an EOCYCLE 25 to benefit on a case-by-case basis from the most favorable support programs.

Eocycle’s wind turbine stands out for its reliability due to the robustness of its design and especially its patented generator technology allowing for the use of fewer moving parts than any of its competitors (no gearbox, fixed pitch blades, ”soft” control of the wind turbine using its patented generator). Year after year, these attributes provide higher revenues and lower maintenance costs for a financial return that surpasses the competition.

Visit or for more information on Eocycle Technologies and its EOCYCLE 25 wind turbine.

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