You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

You’ve got questions,
we’ve got answers

Who is Eocycle?
Eocycle is a global provider of small-scale wind turbines with a mission to make clean, renewable electricity accessible to all. Founded and headquartered in 2001 in Montreal, Canada, Eocycle holds several patents on its permanent magnet generator design. The wind turbines are built with modern technology and superior-quality components while employing the fewest moving parts to maximize reliability.
Why choose Eocycle?
We have the customer in mind! Our wind turbines are ultra-high producing, extremely reliable, and unobtrusive. By creating the Power Purchase Program, we have made it easy for everyone to instantly save money and produce their own renewable, clean electricity!
How reliable is the EO25 wind turbine?
Eocycle wind turbines are extremely reliable, thanks to multiple factors. It employs an ultra-simple design with extremely few moving parts. All third-party components are off-the-shelf, industry-proven parts. The wind turbine itself is certified to the highest international and local standards. Eocycle is also ISO 9001 certified, which helps ensure quality and safety in manufacturing.
Is your wind turbine certified?
Yes! The wind turbine is fully certified to the most stringent global standards (IEC 61400) in addition to MCS certification for the UK and AWEA 9.1 for the USA. These certifications include an intensive design review and extended durability testing conducted by a strictly independent third-party that is certified to complete such testing. It also certifies the power curve (electricity production) of the turbine and the noise report.
How big is the wind turbine?
The turbine is 23.8m high and each of the blades are 7.9m long.
Where have your wind turbines been installed? Can I see one?
We have turbines installed in Denmark, Spain, USA, Canada, with more countries coming soon! Eocycle has only recently entered the UK market, coinciding with the launch of its second-generation wind turbine. We are currently in the process of developing showcase projects in the UK. Sign up for our newsletter for updates!
How much electricity will the wind turbine produce for me?
The EO25 wind turbine will produce between 90,000 kWh and 120,000 kWh per year (equivalent to 7,500 kWh to 10,000 kWh per month). Eocycle can provide you with a more specific figure after we conduct a wind study of your site (no charge to you).
The offer sounds great, but what’s the catch?
No catch, it’s simple. Our mission is to make wind energy accessible to everyone. One of the remaining challenges to this is a financial one. Wind energy is free but it requires an upfront investment. Through the Power Purchase Program, we completely remove the need to make an investment. Instead of buying the turbine, you only pay for the electricity you consume. We also think there is no better way to show we stand behind our product than to invest in it ourselves!
Where is the Power Purchase Program (PPP) being offered?
The PPP is currently being offered in Great Britain only.
Is anyone else offering this deal?
We are not aware of any offerings similar to the Power Purchase Program. The Eocycle advantage is that the EO25 wind turbine has the lowest-cost-of-electricity of any certified wind turbine in the world in its class.
How do I know if I qualify for the program?
You must consume at least 100,000 kWh per year and have a sufficient wind resource on your property. You must also meet the requirements for an application for planning consent to be accepted in your area. Please speak with an Eocycle Energy Consultant for a free wind study and more information regarding requirements.
My off-peak rate is lower than the Eocycle rate; how will I save money?
What is most important is your AVERAGE electric rate. If the rate offered in the Power Purchase Program is lower than your average electric rate, your total electric bill will decrease and you will save money!
When will I begin saving money and how much can I save?
Since you have zero costs you will begin saving from the first moment the turbine produces electricity! The amount you will save will depend on your existing average electric rate which can exceed £100 000 over the lifetime of the turbine. Connect with an Eocycle Energy Consultant to help you calculate your expected lifetime savings.
Will I still be connected to the electric grid?
Yes, you will still be connected to the electric grid operated by your local distribution network operator and you will keep your account with your previous electricity supplier. The grid will 1) take excess electricity generated by the wind turbine and 2) provide you with electricity if you need more than is available from the wind turbine in that moment.
Are the electric rates locked in for the entire duration of the contract? (20 years)
Yes, the rates a set for the entire 20 years.
What if the wind isn’t blowing or the wind turbine is stopped for maintenance or repairs?
As always, since you only pay for the electricity you consume, there are no costs to you. You simply continue with your business as you always have. Any electric needs you have will be met by electricity supplied from the grid under the terms of your agreement with your supplier.
Do I need to purchase any insurance?
No – the only thing you pay for is the low-cost energy produced by the turbine we install on your property!
Could you offer me a lower rate if I install or service the turbine myself?
All Eocycle wind turbines must be installed and serviced by MCS certified installation professionals. The installation and service is therefore included in the Power Purchase Program and cannot be separated.
Can I just purchase the wind turbine and not sign up for the program?
Yes, our wind turbine is still available for purchase and we are happy to sell you one if you would prefer to own the turbine outright.
If I sign up today, when will I get my wind turbine?
The foundation is poured in one day and the actual installation is only 2 or 3 days, however getting the necessary planning permission can take several months. Speak to your Eocycle Energy Consultant to learn more about expected wait times in your area.
How will I be able to tell if I am using electricity from the wind turbine or buying electricity from the grid?
The easiest way is to look at your electric meter.
Is there any way I can monitor the production of the turbine?
Yes, you will have live access and reporting available to you through our web and mobile-based application!
Is the wind turbine quiet?
Yes! Eocycle turbines are among the quietest turbines in its class in the world. This is accomplished in part through the ultra-simplified design. A part can’t make noise if it isn’t there in the first place (e.g. a gearbox)! The specially-designed aerodynamic blades and integrated design philosophy further contribute to making this an unobtrusive addition to your property.
Are there restrictions on how close people or livestock can get to the turbine?
Are wind turbines harmful to my health in any way?
Are there any special safety concerns about having a wind turbine on my property?
No. The wind turbine operates completely independently and has multiple security measures in place to ensure safe operation at all times.
Will the presence of a wind turbine make my farm subject to any restrictions?
The wind turbine foundation will occupy approximately a 5m x 5m footprint and must be accessible by vehicle. Aside from this, continue about your business as always!
Does Eocycle have a local service team?
Yes, our team is in place and is able to serve customers across Great Britain.
Who do I call if I have any questions or concerns after the turbine is installed?

Eocycle has representatives near you in the UK. Help is just a phone call or email away. Call us free on 0800 270 7677 or email us at info@eocycle.com.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us if any of your questions remain unanswered

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