Our Wind Turbines

Ideal for farms, small and medium-size enterprises and municipalities, our wind turbines are designed to be installed near rural buildings and communities. Connectivity to your power grid is controlled by electronic and adaptive management, ensuring consistent and compliant energy delivery in all conditions. Our wind turbines are also ready for battery connection to collect a ready supply of back-up power.

Two Different Series for Two Different Needs

We offer two series of turbines depending upon your energy needs. Our EO25 turbine (25 kW) is ideal for small farms and enterprises. The XANT Series (100kW -300kW) is designed for mid-sized farms, communities and light industrial operations with larger energy requirements.

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Simplified design for greater reliability

The EO25 wind turbine is on the cutting edge of wind technology. Its extraordinarily simple design, with very few moving parts, results in high reliability and low maintenance costs. The Eocycle generator is sealed for life so it is maintenance-free. All the other components are off-the-shelf, proven parts from reputable industry suppliers. The blades are made of durable fiberglass, making them well protected against fatigue and corrosion.
EO25 Class III
Rated power
25 kW
Rated Annual Average Wind Speed
7.5 m/s (27 km/h | 17 mph)
Cut-In Wind Speed
2.75 m/s (10 km/h | 6 mph)
Cut-Out Wind Speed
20 m/s (72 km/h | 45 mph)
Extreme Wind Speed
52.5 m/s (3-second average)
Blade Length
7.6m (25ft)
Design Life
30 years
Hub Height – Hydraulic Tower
23.8M (78FT)
Wind Turbine Certifications
IEC 61400 (2,11,12), AWEA 9.1, MCS
Additional Certifications
UL1741, CSA 22.2, CE, G59/3, ISO 9001

Reliable, hassle-free performance

No other wind turbine on the market comes close to matching our high production and reliable low-cost energy. With fixed-pitch blades and no gearbox (thanks to our patented Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet (TFPM) generator) they operate steadily and dependably with a minimum of supervision.

Efficient, consistent energy production

Power curve

Annual energy production

24/7 monitoring

Eocycle wind turbines operate fully independently through an online self-monitoring system. We remotely monitor and manage settings, updates and more from our operations centre.


Track your wind turbine in real time from your Apple or Android phone and react instantly to alarms with the MiScout app from Mita-Teknik.

Low noise

An aerodynamic blade profile and gearless magnetic generator produce less noise than the average conversation.

Adaptable and rugged

Rugged construction makes it possible to install our turbines in areas of high wind and cope with gusts of up to 52.5 m/s. Our nordic version of the EO25 can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C.

Accelerated ROI

Payback on your purchase can be as little as 4 years (on 30-year life of turbine). If you finance or lease, the turbine can pay for itself starting from Day 1. Produce your own electricity and protect yourself from rising energy prices for the next 30 years!

Hydraulic tower raising system

Save substantially on installation and maintenance with our galvanised self-supporting hydraulic tower raising/lowering system that eliminates the need for a crane.

Product Certifications

Our wind turbines are designed, tested, and certified to the most stringent local and international industry standards: IEC, AWEA, MCS, as well as CE, CSA, and UL.

XANT Series

More power to you

XANT turbines have the capability of active power curtailment and can be equipped with integrated energy storage to allow for maximising wind power in your system and the on-site consumption. Available in two sizes:

XANT M up to 100 kW

XANT L up to 330 kW

Available for average wind speeds and extreme environments

On or off grid

In combination with batteries, XANT turbines can power isolated loads such as irrigation, desalination or ice-making systems. They can easily be combined with existing genset infrastructure or solar energy into a “utility-in-a-box” solution providing clean and reliable off-grid power.

Generating in harsh climates

XANT turbines are meant to cope with the most extreme climates in the most remote locations. XANT turbines are operating across the globe in the most adverse weather conditions: from the strong, wet gales in northern Scotland, the humid trade winds in the Pacific, the icy winds in Alaska and the hot thunderstorms in Singapore. The tilt-up tower makes the XANT turbines 100% hurricane-proof.

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