Monetize the wind

Reap the benefits of producing clean and renewable energy with a distributed wind turbine and contribute to the development of a better world.

Take advantage of our certified experience to develop your wind projects and generate a greater financial return.

Quality of the wind resource

Our team of specialists establishes the production potential of electricity at your site with the help of wind maps.

Specification of the tower

Based on a cost-benefit approach, we then determine the most appropriate type of tower for your situation from among our different options.

Location on a site

Finally, we designate the ideal position for your wind turbine, in term of producible, physical constraints and cost of wiring.

Eocycle will be pleased to assess and optimize the potential of your site to ensure a maximum return on your investment.


Protect your investment during the period of repayment, thanks to our long-term warranty, the best in the industry.


Optimize the energy management of your Eocycle wind turbine in real time with the MiScout mobile application and benefit from the assistance service from our control centre.

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