Our small wind turbines

Eocycle’s technology combines versatility and a pioneering spirit in order to offer proven products of superior quality.

The solution for distributed energy production

Our direct drive EO20 and EO25 wind turbines are equipped with a patented permanent magnet generator, fixed-pitch blades and a flexible coupling to eliminate problems related to gearboxes and blade-pitching systems. Eocycle holds patents in North America, Europe and China.

They also benefit from a self-monitoring system, protections against lightning and corrosion, as well as the best components in their category. They originate from the most renowned suppliers of the well-proven large wind turbine industry.

Eocycle turbines generate more energy over longer periods of time.

Summary of characteristics

To obtain the complete specifications of our wind turbines:

Power curve

Annual energy production

Generate a significant financial performance with our hassle-free wind turbine solutions.

Flexible and adaptable

Reconcile regulatory compliance of your locality and capacity limit for the connection to the network, thanks to the variable speed of our wind turbines. The electronic and adaptive management of their power ensures easy connection to the electricity network and a maximum production of energy in all conditions.

Also, take advantage of their rugged construction which makes it possible to install them in areas of high wind resources and cope with gusts of up to 52.5 m/s. A northern version of our wind turbines can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C.

Patented hydraulic system

Save substantial sums on installation, maintenance, or in case of excessive weather conditions, with the patented climbing-step system that makes it possible to climb and descend the nacelle without the help of crane.

Our galvanized self-supporting hydraulic towers are available in sizes of 16m or 23m, or in non-hydraulic 30m and 36m versions.

Eocycle celebrates 15 years of innovation, without compromise. An expertise at the forefront of a growth sector.

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