Eocycle transforms the landscape of distributed renewable energy production.

‘’At the outset, Eocycle was to become the first company in the world to devise a revolutionary mechanical/electrical conversion for direct drive wind turbines; the transverse flux synchronous generator. This concern has always been at the heart of company developments, and today, this dream has become a reality.’’

Maxime Dubois, Founder of Eocycle


Founded in 2001 by Maxime Dubois, Eocycle celebrates 15 years of developing profitable and hassle-free wind turbine solutions. Our patented Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet (TFPM) generator technology allows us to produce more compact distributed wind turbines requiring fewer moving parts. They provide more power than competitor products at low rotational speeds, without the contribution of a gearbox.

Since 2013, the company has been managed by Richard Legault, a leader in the sector of large wind turbines. Since the arrival of Mr. Legault, Eocycle’s strategy has focused on developing the distributed energy market, where our EO20 and EO25 wind turbines (20 and 25 kW) stand apart from the competition, in offering the best financial performance of the industry.

” We are proud to actively participate for more than 10 years in the design and assembly of generators and nacelles, in addition to validating on test benches, with the objective of making our wind turbines the most reliable and efficient products in the industry.’’

Simon Côté and Patrice Fortin, Eocycle technicians

2001 – 2006
5/9 kW generator prototypes

The first prototype of a 20/25 kW direct drive wind turbine

2007 – 2008
25 kW generator prototypes

Second-generation 20/25 kW direct drive wind turbine

Research & Development

Since its creation, Eocycle has never ceased investing in research and development in order to push innovation even further and make its TFPM technology more and more competitive.

Eocycle stands out from its competitors by holding all commercial rights and intellectual property on all the key components of its wind turbines, including the hydraulic tower system.

”Eocycle today is able to offer energy independence to the rural community. In addition to offering the most advanced technologies, we implement practices that meet the highest quality standards in the large wind turbine industry.”

Richard Legault, President et Chief Executive Officer of Eocycle 

Eocycle Technologies relies on an internationally renowned leadership and technical team that combine decades of experience in engineering, production and windpower plants.


Richard Legault,
President and Chief Executive Officer


The recipient of many excellence awards, Mr Legault is a world renowned entrepreneur in the wind energy and clean energy sectors. Before taking the helm of Eocycle, he held several important positions, notably with Germanischer Lloyd AG, now DNV – GL (Global Head Renewables and Management Committee); HelimaxEnergie (CEO and founder), NEG Micon Canada, today Vestas (CEO and co-founder) and Kenetech Windpower, now General Electric (Director Canada). He has been trained as an engineer, an energy expert and in the governance of companies, in addition to holding a Master’s degree in Project Management.

Bouaziz Ait Driss,
VP Development and Innovation


Mr. Ait Driss has 30 years of experience in renewable energy (innovation, management and engineering) in projects across the globe. Prior to joining the Eocycle team, he worked, among others, with DNV – GL Renewables, Helimax Energy Inc., at the Institut Supérieur d’Électronique de Montréal, as well as in the Renewable Energy Development Center of Algiers. The variety of projects in which he has been involved has enabled him to finetune his expertise in energy production. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, as well as a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy, in addition to having completed training as an energy expert and in the governance of businesses.

Bryan Wallis,
CFO & Vice President


Mr. Wallis has a background in finance, fundraising, marketing, legal and business development. Previously with Inocucor Technologies where he raised more than 55 million CAD$ from private investors and non-dilutive capital. He served as an executive at Cansolv Technologies Inc./ Shell Global Solutions B.V. His professional experience includes financial and market analysis for structured financings at the National Bank of Canada as well as serving as a lawyer at The Canam Manac Group. He holds an MBA from HEC Montreal and is member of the Quebec bar.

Paul Dawson,
VP Sales and Marketing


Mr. Dawson is an accomplished professional in the wind energy sector with experience spanning all continents. His experience includes holding senior positions in business development, sales, and marketing for market-leaders in the renewables such as NRG Systems and Northern Power Systems. He has also lead start-ups and been an invited speaker at numerous industry events. Mr. Dawson has an undergraduate science degree from McGill University and is completing his MBA in Marketing and Finance from Concordia University.

Board of Directors

Richard Legault,
President and Chief Executive Officer

Learn more in the “Management” section.

Chris Varrone,
Independent member


An economist trained at Cambridge University and a former consultant for McKinsey, Mr. Varrone specializes in commercialization of technologies, particularly in the field of renewable energies. In  2010, he founded Riverview Consulting in order to advise companies and investors. Previously, he occupied the position of Chief Strategist, Research & Development for Vestas Wind Systems, after having accumulated 20 years of experience as a consultant for many leading companies around the world. He is a frequent contributor to the dialogue on renewable energies by giving speeches during events of international scope such as the NEXUS Global Summit at the United Nations, in 2014 and 2015, as well as the Wall Street Green Summit, in 2016. A student of the Fulbright program in Norway, Mr. Varrone received a B.A. from Williams College (with the greatest distinction), and a Master’s degree in Economics from Cambridge University (with great distinction). He is fluent in Norwegian and Danish.

Claude Vachet,
Managing Partner, Cycle Capital Management


Mr. Vachet has extensive experience in operations, risk capital and portfolio management in the technology sector. He has a strong track record in matters of investment, in addition to being part of succesful teams at Kirchner Management, Multiple Capital and Innovatech Montréal, where he was responsible for 44 start-up companies and five risk capital funds. Mr. Vachet also has extensive expertise in corporate governance, having sat on the boards of directors of more than 30 companies over the past 20 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Finance.

Martin Lussier,
President, Gestion Martin Lussier inc


Mr. Lussier acquired extensive expertise in manufacturing, management, material sourcing, information technology and marketing through his experience at Plombco inc where he served as president. After 18 years at Plombco, he decided to sell the company in February 2017 and he is now an active investor, mainly in the field of environmental technologies. He holds a MBA from the University of Sherbrooke and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

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