Our Promise for
Wind Energy

Eocycle brings a wind of change to the worldwide distributed wind turbine industry.

Our mission

To offer energy independence to rural communities by the development of wind turbine solutions that are profitable and hassle free.

Our values


Our goals are not modest. Our aim to reach the highest peaks is driven by our desire to build a world where businesses produce the energy they need themselves in a sustainable way.


We think outside the box to overcome conventional prejudices and paradigms. We are fundamentally convinced that there is always a solution, if we address new challenges with imagination.


Our commitment is threefold.

First, to our colleagues with whom we share a common goal. We are jointly committed in a spirit of openness and we cultivate daily our sense of mutual assistance.

Secondly, to our investors and our clients for whom we develop the best solutions in the world. Our commitment to them is encouraged by their confidence in us, which motivates our desire to surpass ourselves and to think critically.

And, finally, to ourselves, because we choose to commit all our passion and willpower to succeed.


We work with great precision, never compromising on the quality of our products or services. In this sense, expertise and professionalism are essential components of our work ethic.


We follow one very simple code of conduct: We do what we say and we say what we do. We believe in behaving courageously and flawlessly. We always respect our promises. We stick to the truth and we respect the law.


Nos objectifs ne sont pas modestes. Notre désir d’atteindre les plus hauts sommets est nourri pas cette volonté de bâtir un monde où les entreprises produisent elles-mêmes l’énergie dont elles ont besoin de manière durable.


Notre engagement est triple.

D’abord auprès de nos collègues avec qui nous avançons dans la poursuite d’un but commun. Nous sommes engagés ensemble avec ouverture, en cultivant chaque jour notre sens de l’entraide.

Auprès de nos investisseurs et de nos clients pour qui nous développons les meilleures solutions au monde. Nous sommes engagés ensemble car leur confiance nous pousse au dépassement et stimule notre esprit critique.

Et, finalement, envers nous-mêmes, puisque nous sommes engagés par choix avec toute notre passion et notre volonté de réussir.


Nous réfléchissons à l’extérieur de la «boîte» pour faire sauter les préjugés et les paradigmes. Nous sommes fondamentalement convaincus qu’il existe toujours une solution, si l’on aborde un nouveau défi avec imagination.


Nous travaillons de manière précise, sans compromis sur la qualité de nos produits ou de nos prestations. En ce sens, expertise et professionnalisme constituent nos mots d’ordre.


Il n’y a pas plus simple pour nous que ce code de conduite : faire ce que l’on dit et dire ce que l’on fait. Nous nous comportons de manière courageuse et irréprochable. Nous respectons toujours nos promesses. Nous nous en tenons à la vérité. Nous respectons les lois.

Our philosophy

Our clients have chosen to produce for themselves the electricity they need to grow their business in a way that respects their community. The acquisition of a wind turbine allows them to honour their values while generating a significant financial return.

This commitment must not however be associated with the hassle of maintaining their equipment. In any case, not anymore.

Eocycle brings a wind of change to the global DWE industry by rigorously applying two very simple ideas:


We do not compromise on the performance of our licensed products designed to extract the maximum energy from the wind.


We do not compromise on the technology used since the reliability of a product is proportional to the degree of simplicity of its design. Fewer moving parts used, less potential breakage, more income.

We do not compromise on the quality of our products since the cost of maintenance of a wind turbine is directly linked to the ruggedness of each of its components.

That’s why we offer the best warranty in the industry.

But beyond products, there are people and business practices. In this regard, you can count on our total integrity. For us at EOCYCLE, it is crucial to keep you fully informed and advised in an objective manner throughout the acquisition process and life cycle of our products. In this way, your enthusiasm will last for decades along with your wind turbine standing proudly on your property.

Generate a significant financial performance with our hassle-free wind turbine solutions.

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