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Eocycle Announces Inaugural Turbine Sales in Minnesota

Août 25 2021

Eocycle, the world leader in distributed wind, today announces just a year after entering the Gopher State, the company has signed deals to build an impressive 12 of its EOX S-16 wind turbine to farmers in Minnesota.

The first of these projects became operational in late 2020 at Minnick Farm, in Meeker county (Click here for details and a video of the project). Four additional projects are currently under construction for a total of 6 scheduled to be operational by year end.

Eocycle’s seamless, end-to-end energy solution includes taking care of zoning permits, interconnection rights and looking after grant application. Among the 12 projects signed so far, 3 have already been awarded a $20,000 grant under the USDA/REAP program (4 more are under evaluation).

The company has also successfully obtained so far 7 zoning permits and 4 interconnection rights for these installations, while the balance is expected to be delivered shortly.

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