Wind Power
for Farmers

Produce your own power and take control of your energy future.

Eocycle offers a full-service, turnkey wind energy system. With our wind turbines, you can supply your farm with self-produced electricity. We make it simple by managing the entire project for you—from permitting to construction to maintenance. Where available, we’ll even help with financing.

It pays for itself.

If you have a good wind resource, our wind turbines will produce electricity at a lower cost than your electric utility. Gain stability by locking in your electric rate for the next 30 years. Enjoy energy independence and growing savings as market prices rise.

It’s good for business.

Your customers and their customers are looking to reduce their carbon footprints. Reduce emissions on your farm with wind power and you’ll give your products a premium position.

It’s clean,
high-quality power.

Energy produced is used on-site first and excess is sold back to the grid. You’ll get 100% renewable power with zero carbon emissions and no environmental compromise.

It’s quiet, reliable and compact.

Our turbines are farm-sized and fit nicely into your landscape. They require almost no space and are hassle-free, so you can stay focused on your operation.

It’s battery-ready.

Adding energy storage offers possibilities such as backup power and load management. The Eocycle wind turbine is ready when you are.

Getting started is simple

1. Assessment

With the help of wind maps our team of specialists review and determine the quality of your wind resource. We then use this to generate an energy production estimate specific to your farm site and compare it against your current electric usage. Our specialists also make a preliminary recommendation on where to site your wind turbine on your property, as well as screen the project for several additional factors.

2. WindQuote

Then we prepare your WindQuote, which includes the results from our assessment and a financial analysis of the project. You’ll see what your savings could be and available incentives you may qualify for. If the WindQuote looks good to you, we’ll prepare a contract.

3. Site Visit

A thorough site visit is conducted to finalize the siting of your wind turbine and note all site details and constraints.

4. Permits

Our team will then obtain all permitting and conduct pre-construction project development.

5. Construction

With permits in hand, we’ll begin manufacture, construction, installation and commissioning of your turbine.

6. Operation + Maintenance

We’ll work with you for the life of your turbine to ensure it’s always functioning optimally. We monitor its performance 24/7 online and if you have any concerns or questions, we’re just a phone call away.

Let’s Get Started.

Change is in the air. Ask us for a WindQuote today.