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Take control of your energy future with a seamless, turnkey wind energy system designed specifically for your needs. We manage the entire project for you—from permitting to construction to maintenance. Where available, we’ll even help with financing. Our experience and knowledge leads the industry. Our turbines outperform all others.

Why switch to Eocycle?

It pays for itself.

Gain stability and independence by locking in your ultra-low electric rate for the next 30 years.

It’s good for business.

Your customers and their customers care about the impact that your operation has on the environment.

It’s clean, high-quality power.

You’ll get 100% renewable power with zero carbon emissions and no environmental compromise.

It’s quiet, reliable and compact.

Our turbines require very little land.

Eocycle technology leads the industry.

Wind Power for Agriculture

Energy produced is used on-site first and excess is sold back to the grid. You’ll get 100% renewable power with zero carbon emissions and no environmental compromise.

Wind Power for Commercial and Industrial

Because wind delivers the highest concentration of clean electricity for a given area, many commercial customers with limited space rely on Eocycle’s clean distributed energy resource.

Wind Power for Microgrids

Remote or grid-connected, you’ll find energy independence, significant savings and a smaller carbon footprint with Eocycle’s wind power solutions for microgrids.

What our Customers say


Renewables are an important part of our ag operations in both Colorado and Kansas. This allows us to not only be more efficient and cut costs, but also allows us to be part of a bigger picture of becoming more sustainable. We are proud to be part of this movement, and I will say I am very, very pleased with my turbine.


– Erick Farmer, Champion Valley Feedyard, Colorado USA –


The turbine is directly powering our charging points for electrical vehicles. Because of the vicinity of natural habitats, an avifauna monitoring program has been set up. The 98% availability of the turbine is just the cherry on the cake for us. We look forward to working with Eocycle for future projects our group has in mind.


– Filip Vandeputte, CSR Manager, DEME Group, Belgium –


After careful review of products available on the market we chose to add an Eocycle EOX M-26 wind turbine (90 kW) to our microgrid to satisfy the majority of our energy use. We also chose the M-26 because it can easily be combined with solar energy and batteries to create a “utility-in-a-box” solution for clean and reliable micro-grid.


– Jean De Cambry, Engineer – Project Manager, Enersol, Belgium –


We were nervous about entering the distributed wind sector, owing to a tough operating climate here in the North of Scotland combined with our remoteness for back up if problems were to occur. We have found Eocycle to be a good business partner. The SCADA portal is excellent at providing remote communication all day, every day, which should prolong the lifespan of the components and allow timely servicing. We look forward to many more years of life from this unit.


– Heather Stuart, West Harris Trust Community Center, Scotland –

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Our S-Series is ideal for small farms and enterprises.


Our M-Series is ideal for commercial and industrial applications as well as large agricultural operations.