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Eocycle Welcomes Five Clean Energy Executives to Board

Juin 25 2021

Three new board members and a new board advisor joined Eocycle’s leadership team.

New board member Marion Hill, Senior Vice President of Renewables Advisory at DNV, a leader in the global energy sector, joined Eocycle’s board. Hill provides data-backed opinions to DNV’s customers, enabling them to efficiently site, develop, design, finance and operate renewable energy projects. She manages a brilliant team of industry-leading experts who are dedicated to tackling climate change.

Nicolas Bossé is Chief Energy Transition at BrainBox AI, a leader in the green building sector also joined as new board member. Bossé has an impressive ability to piece together complex market structures with consumer needs. Prior to BrainBox AI Nicolas spent over 10 years as Sr. VP, Strategy & Growth Initiatives at Brookfield Renewables.

Caroline Brun Ellefsen, Director of Climate Change and Corporate Sustainability at ERM (Environmental Resources Management), brings to Eocycle’s board a decade of experience in the field of renewables for some of the world’s leading companies. She combines technical know-how with a background in policy to bring innovative energy solutions to global organizations.

Those 3 new board members join Dan Pinault and Richard Legault to the board.

Dan Pinault is a Principal at Cycle Capital Management, one of Eocycle’s early funders and a passionate investor in distributed energy companies. He began his career as a consultant on renewable and distributed energy resources to government organizations, utility providers and Fortune 500 companies.

Richard Legault is a well-known and recognized wind veteran at ease with all aspects of large and distributed wind having spent decades developing / financing wind technologies and projects worldwide. Richard is President and CEO of Eocycle.

The Board is completed by Andrew Ferrier, former CEO of Fonterra, one of the world’s largest dairy producers, and now Chairman of Canz Capital Limited, a private investment company he founded in 2011. As a Board Advisor Ferrier brings to Eocycle decades of global business experience in agriculture, food and solar power generation.

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