Laatste nieuws over windenergietechnologie

Electrifying Farms, Decarbonizing Ag Report Published

mei 27 2021

The future of farms is electric.

This report details current wind and solar power innovations that are helping transform farms from energy users into renewable-energy generators. It covers the challenges of transitioning farms from centralized power generation to integrated, distributed sources of energy, such as wind and solar.

The report features Eocycle and its WS2 Solution (Wind + Solar + Storage), which combines its superior certified wind turbine technology with solar and storage to deliver carbon-neutral energy independence to farms.

Webinar to discuss report details, June 2, 2021, 10 a.m. EDT

Read more about the webinar.

Note: Eocycle is a client of Leif Capital, London

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Our S-Series is ideal for small farms and enterprises.


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