Laatste nieuws over windenergietechnologie

Eocycle Partners with Enersol

Eocycle, the world leader in distributed wind, is pleased to announce Enersol as its commercial partner for the Belgium / Wallonia market.

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Eocycle Announces Inaugural Turbine Sales in Minnesota

Eocycle, the world leader in distributed wind, today announces just a year after entering the Gopher State, the company has signed deals to build an impressive 12 of its EOX S-16 wind turbine to farmers in Minnesota. The first of these projects became operational in...

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Eocycle Welcomes Five Clean Energy Executives to Board

Three new board members and a new board advisor joined Eocycle’s leadership team. New board member Marion Hill, Senior Vice President of Renewables Advisory at DNV, a leader in the global energy sector, joined Eocycle’s board. Hill provides data-backed opinions to...

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Electrifying Farms, Decarbonizing Ag Report Published

The future of farms is electric. This report details current wind and solar power innovations that are helping transform farms from energy users into renewable-energy generators. It covers the challenges of transitioning farms from centralized power generation to...

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Multinational Ag Giant Turns to Eocycle for Energy Solutions

Smithfield Foods is the largest pork producer anywhere in the world, and unquestionably a leader in its industry. As leaders, there is no one to follow, and so management has had to put much careful thought into its vision for the future, and what the company will...

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