Laatste nieuws over windenergietechnologie


Laatste nieuws over windenergietechnologie

Eocycle closes financing of $1.6M

6 feb 2017’

On the heels of the highly successful launch of its second generation wind turbines, Eocycle is pleased to announce the closing of $1.6 million of new financing. The completion of this offering takes the combined form of a loan from Investissement Québec (the financial arm of the Government of Québec) and a grant from the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation in Québec. This funding will enable Eocycle to continue to innovate and augment the competitiveness of its wind turbines. It will also facilitate product modifications to meet local standards and certification requirements in several global markets.


Onze S-Serie is ideaal voor kleine boerderijen en bedrijven.


Onze M-serie is ideaal voor commerciële en industriële toepassingen en voor grote landbouwbedrijven


Our S-Series is ideal for small farms and enterprises.


Our M-Series is ideal for commercial and industrial applications as well as large agricultural operations.