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Eocycle Partners with Enersol

sep 23 2021

Eocycle, the world leader in distributed wind, is pleased to announce Enersol as its commercial partner for the Belgium / Wallonia market.

Enersol specialises in offering complete renewable energy solutions to its customers, including Eocycle EOX S-16 (25 kW) and EOX M-26 (90 kW) wind turbines. The company’s team of more than 100 employees are all passionate about tackling energy challenges, and convinced of the need to deliver the most sustainable solutions, both from a financial and environmental point of view. Together, Eocycle and Enersol share the objective of bringing to market a top quality seamless ‘end-to-end’’ solution including project feasibility studies to turnkey project execution and after-sales service. Enersol and Eocycle’s numerous 3rd party independent certifications are a testament to our commitment to deliver only high-quality projects.

“The partnership with Enersol is a perfect match with Eocycle’s WS2 (Wind + Solar + Storage) Solution. WS2 is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to match energy production with consumption and achieve energy independence. Enersol offers our customers a complete, optimal energy solution and is therefore an ideal partner for Eocycle in the Wallonia (Belgium) market” said Richard Legault, President and CEO at Eocycle Technologies.

Enersol itself has invested in an EOX M-26 wind turbine to demonstrate the strength of the WS2 Solution. As illustrated in the graph below, the wind turbine complements the solar production. Wind energy is produced primarily in the winter, while solar energy dominates during summer, making these two sources of energy highly compatible. Terwijl zonne-energie van ‘s middags tot ‘s middags 17 uur schijnt, is wind beter verdeeld over de dag. Together they provide more autonomy—power all year and practically around-the-clock, which reduces the need for storage. And thanks to Enersol’s SolarFleet controller, customers can now strategically schedule the charging of their electric vehicles to optimize consumption.

Example of daily energy production/consumption at Enersol: Solar production (yellow/orange); wind production (blue), self-consumption of Enersol production from the building and the EVs (green), grid consumption (red).

Marc Gillet added “Our partnership with Eocycle brings Enersol closer to its objective, which is to accompany our customers in the energy transition of their residential or commercial buildings. Our solutions to reduce clients’ consumption and adapt the way they consume energy are plentiful, and applied according to the specific needs of each project. The Eocycle wind turbines are a great match to our portfolio of photovoltaic panels, storage, charging stations, heating and hot water production solutions, and ventilation.”

Please visit our partner Enersol’s website for more information and if you are interested in an energy project for your company, you can contact them on:

For other inquiries outside of the Belgium / Wallonia/ territory, please give us a call or use this form to provide your company specific energy needs.

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