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Eocycle Wind Turbine Awarded Solar Impulse Label as One of the Top 1000 Profitable Solutions for the Environment

sep 17 2020

Eocycle is proud to announce that its EO25 distributed wind turbine has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label by the Solar Impulse Foundation. Assessed by independent experts, the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label serves as a marker of the EO25’s technology and its profitability for customers. The label is designed to help businesses and governments adopt innovative technologies and set more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies while driving economic growth.

Eocycle’s EO25 distributed wind turbine was awarded this prestigious and globally recognized label in a competitive process. It is one of only a handful of renewable wind-power solutions to achieve this.

“What this means for our customers is that an independent third party has confirmed that we’re offering a superior product. Not only are we offering customers energy independence and a means to generate clean, renewable power, but also the ability to do so profitably. Our customers regularly see payback times of only 5 to 10 years, giving them 15 years or more of virtually free electricity. Key to this is offering a reliable product that generates up to 50% more power than other turbines in its class. Owners of this turbine will get more power production from it than any other turbine of similar size available today. A fact we are very proud of-.” said Richard Legault, President & CEO at Eocycle Technologies Inc.

The EO25’s simple design with few moving parts results in a very reliable solution with significantly less downtime. Combined with a sophisticated web-based monitoring system, the turbine’s service calls and maintenance costs are greatly reduced. This is all made possible thanks to the patented transverse flux permanent magnet generator which develops a tremendous amount of torque and power density at low RPM. High torque allows control of the rotor without the need for any other mechanisms. Lower RPM also results in quieter operation.

By virtue of its technical superiority, Eocycle wind turbines offer farms and small businesses around the world the possibility of reducing both their energy costs and their carbon footprint for decades, by producing their own electricity from a reliable renewable source. Eocycle offers a vertically integrated solution, including site development, turnkey construction, operations and in some cases, even financing.

Over Eocycle

Eocycle biedt wereldwijd full-service gedistribueerde windenergieoplossingen voor zowel on-grid als off-grid toepassingen, met of zonder opslag. The EO25 (25kW) is Eocycle’s flagship certified wind turbine built on its patented technology. Het ontwerp met directe aandrijving, de hoge betrouwbaarheid en de laagste energiekost in zijn klasse maken van deze turbine de ideale oplossing voor miljoenen landbouwbedrijven over de hele wereld die geld willen besparen, emissies willen beperken en energieonafhankelijk willen worden. The XANT M (100kW) wind turbine offers an equally attractive solution for farms, businesses, and communities with greater energy needs. Founded in 2001, Eocycle is backed by prominent investors including Cycle Capital and Investissement Québec. For more visit and

About Solar Impulse Foundation

The Solar Impulse Foundation, led by Dr. Bertrand Piccard, has set itself a new challenge: select #1000solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way. The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label is granted to solutions which meet high standards of both sustainability and profitability. Each solution goes through a strict assessment process performed by independent experts and serves as an indication of quality to those looking to implement clean solutions, and affords a competitive edge to the innovators behind them.


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