Laatste nieuws over windenergietechnologie

NREL: Distributed Wind Energy Futures Study

nov 28 2022

A recent US DoE study stated that distributed wind energy potential equates to more than half of the nation’s current annual electricity consumption:

“The United States currently has the potential to profitably deploy nearly 1,400 gigawatts (GW) of distributed wind energy capacity. This amount equates to more than half of the nation’s current annual electricity consumption and is enough to provide millions of American households with clean power. With favorable regulatory and policy direction, distributed wind energy could provide even more profitable power generation in the coming decades. By tapping into distributed wind’s potential, the technology can supply rural homes, businesses, and communities with local clean energy resources that foster an energy transition and support the nation’s low-carbon-emissions goals.”

Under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, Eocycle’s solution is eligible for a generous 30% investment tax credit.

Please find here the downloadable results of the NREL study: Distributed Wind Energy Futures Study

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