EOX S-16

The EOX S-16 turbine is on the cutting edge of wind technology. Its extraordinarily simple design—with very few moving parts—results in high reliability and low maintenance costs. With no gearbox, your turbine will operate smoothly, reliably and with minimal maintenance for its 30-year life.

At 20-30 kW, this turbine is ideal for small farms and enterprises.

Connectivity to your power grid is controlled by electronic and adaptive management, ensuring consistent and compliant energy delivery in all conditions. Our wind turbines are also ready for battery connection to collect a ready supply of back-up power.

We assemble the EOX S-16 ourselves at our ISO 9001 certified factory, and we test it before you receive it.

All Eocycle wind turbines operate fully independently through an online self-monitoring system. We remotely monitor and manage settings, updates and more from our Global Operations Centre.

The S-16 wind turbine has been recognized by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the top 1,000 solutions in the world that can protect the environment in a profitable way.


Third-party certified to produce far more energy than a comparable certified product, resulting in superior savings and return on investment.

Tilt-up tower technology

A crane-less hydraulic tower allows for the lowest cost of installation and easier installation on sites that are difficult to access.

A rebar-less foundation delivers further savings and easy scalability.

A 30-year design life provides decades of free electricity once your investment is fully paid back.

Low noise

An aerodynamic blade profile, a gearless permanent magnet generator and a very low rotational speed produce less noise than the average conversation. (This greatly facilitates permitting.)

24/7 monitoring

Eocycle S-Series wind turbines operate fully independently through an online self-monitoring system.

Track your wind turbine in real time from your smartphone, check your savings and react to alarms 24/7 using the App.

Product Certifications

Our wind turbines are designed, tested, and certified to the most stringent local and international industry standards: IEC, AWEA, MCS, as well as CE, CSA, and UL.

Reliable, hassle-free performance

No other wind turbine on the market comes close to matching our high production and reliable low-cost energy. With fixed-pitch blades and no gearbox (thanks to our patented Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet (TFPM) generator) they operate steadily and dependably with minimum supervision.

EOX S-16

Average Wind Speed (m/s)
Gross Output (kWh/year)
4.0 41,140
4.5 55,910
5.0 70,920
5.5 85,460
6.0 99,000
6.5 111,200
7.0 121,860
7.5 130,870

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Our S-Series is ideal for small farms and enterprises.


Our M-Series is ideal for commercial and industrial applications as well as large agricultural operations.