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Our leadership and technical teams combine decades of experience in engineering, energy production and wind power plants. Our colleagues are internationally renowned, highly respected, often awarded and wonderful to know. We think you’ll agree.

Our Management Team

Richard Legault

President and CEO

Richard listens to the needs of the market, then combines his technical skills with his business acumen to make our company meaningful. Having been in renewable energy and innovation all his life, he’s found that making a difference in fast growing industries gives him a great deal of satisfaction. In addition to holding a Master’s degree in Project Management, Richard has been trained as an engineer, an energy expert and in the governance of companies. He believes that the magnitude of the opportunity for Eocycle is extraordinary.

Alex de Broe

CTO (Group Level) and CEO (Eocycle Europe)

Alex works with his team of bright engineers to make wind power easier and cheaper, to integrate it with solar and storage, and to manage it all smartly. His job never stops. Alex thrives when he can make others thrive, which makes him a vital part of our leadership team. He is a self-proclaimed renewable-energy addict, and he happily leads the way on difficult paths. With Eocycle, Alex sees a sunny future ahead and a fantastic team to make it happen.

Bryan Wallis

Vice President and CFO

Bryan manages the financial and legal aspects of our growing global operations—with particular excitement for our innovative WS2 Solution (Wind + Solar + Storage). His career in clean energy began with SO2 and CO2 capture technologies (which were acquired by Shell Global, under his care). He uses his deep understanding of technology to deftly steer our multinational portfolio. We rely on Bryan to work the numbers that help us reduce the world’s carbon footprint and satisfy its demand for clean electricity.

Jean Lachance

Chief Operating Officer

When your wind turbine arrives on time and without imperfection, thank Jean. He orchestrates all procurement, production, project execution and after-sales service. Trained as a mechanical engineer, Jean is a seasoned executive with solid operational experience in the energy transition industry, advanced technologies, and the telecommunications industry. Jean is known for working hard to find win-win solutions to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Luis Gutierrez

Director of Operations

Luis manages our production and manufacturing processes. He scrutinizes the qualifications of our suppliers, and he completes quality system audits, process quality audits and product audits that keep our operations running without surprises. Luis brings more than twenty years of experience in managing logistics to our table—and it shows in every project that goes exactly as planned. He’s been a key supporter of our ISO 9001 certifications, and he’s made third-party certifications a standard for our company.

David De Bock

Global Business Development Leader

David comes to us with nearly two decades of experience in renewable energy technologies—especially in wind turbines and energy storage units. He’s been trained as a commercial engineer and holds several awards for his innovative projects, but to us he’s a bridge builder with a knack for establishing long term, mutually-beneficial relationships. His track record for starting up global business development teams is highly successful, and he’s extremely excited to put his skills to work for Eocycle.

Our Advisors and Board of Directors

Andrew Ferrier - Advisor

Chairman (Canz Capital)

Andrew is an investor, an advisor to government, business and not-for-profit, and a Corporate Director. He comes to us with a great deal of experience in global businesses, particularly in agriculture and food. Andrew’s passion for sustainable energy began around fifteen years ago with an investment into solar power generation. These days, he’s fully hooked on cleantech, and he serves as our trusted ally in the renewable energy revolution. He feels that Eocycle’s growing niche in the wind energy industry is highly promising.

Dan Pinault - Director

Principal (Cycle Capital)

Dan is a passionate investor in distributed energy companies. He began his career as a consultant for renewable and distributed energy resources to government organizations, utility providers and Fortune 500 companies. Dan pairs his technical mindset with a strong business acumen to back tech companies that have a meaningful impact on the reduction of carbon emissions—like us. He sees Eocycle as a clear leader in the electrification of the farming sector. We see Dan as a powerful force for sustainability.

Marion Hill - Director

Senior Vice President of Renewables Advisory (DNV)

Marion provides data-backed opinions to DNV’s customers, enabling them to site, develop, design, finance and operate renewable energy projects at the lowest cost and meet their returns on investments. She surrounds herself with a brilliant team of industry-leading experts that are dedicated to tackling climate change. Marion uses strong leadership to evolve digital transformation and advance positions for women and people of colour in the renewables industry. She has dedicated her career to decarbonizing our economy for the future of her family.

Nicolas Bossé - Director

Chief of Energy Transition (BrainBox AI)

Nicolas has an impressive ability to piece together complex market structures with consumer needs. As a native of Quebec, Canada—where clean power is the only power—his love for sustainable energy comes naturally. Innovation is part of both his and Quebec’s DNA. Nicolas uses his skillset to find opportunities to support the energy transition. He believes in acting locally to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and he employs strategic thinking to uncover cost-effective solutions for highly complicated challenges.

Caroline Brun Ellefsen - Director

Director of Climate Change and Corporate Sustainability (ERM)

Caroline is helping the world’s leading companies achieve their net-zero targets. She combines her technical know-how with a background in policy to bring innovative solutions to global organizations—and change the world for the better. From her academic background at MIT, Caroline chose to specialize in energy systems with a focus on clean technology. Her decade of experience in the field of renewables includes project finance, lobbying, R&D and consulting. The corporate demand for clean energy is growing dramatically, and Caroline is leading the way.

We strive to make the world a better place. 

Eocycle develops technology that is benign, beautiful and breaks records. We’re a vertically integrated global organization with an exciting future, and we pursue perfection in everything we do.

If doing good excites you, we should talk.

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