Champion Valley Feedyard

Colorado, USA

A Cattle Operation with Two Goals

Erick Farmer owns and operates Champion Valley Feedyard in Yuma, Colorado (USA). He’s always looking for ways to cut costs and improve his business operations. He’s also looking for ways to be more sustainable, since his customers are increasingly concerned about their greenhouse gas footprint.

Eocycle had a solution that could help him achieve both objectives.

We designed and installed a turnkey wind energy system that reduced his cost of electricity, provided greater independence from the grid and gave him cost certainty for the next 30 years.

With our EOX S-16 (25 kW) wind turbine, Champion Valley Feedyard benefits from high reliability and low maintenance costs. It features a brilliantly simple design with very few moving parts and no gearbox, so Erick’s turbine will operate simply, reliably and with minimal maintenance for its entire life.

Connectivity to his power grid is controlled by electronic and adaptive management, ensuring consistent and compliant energy delivery in all conditions.

The Champion Valley Feedyard project was successfully completed in November 2019. Erick enjoys an annual production of well over 90,000 kWh.

Better still—we improved the sustainability of his business, which made him more marketable to his customers and more competitive in his industry.

Renewables are an important part of our ag operations in both Colorado and Kansas. This allows us to not only be more efficient and cut costs, but also allows us to be part of a bigger picture of becoming more sustainable. We are proud to be part of this movement, and I will say I am very, very pleased with my turbine


– Erick Farmer, Champion Valley Feedyard, Colorado USA

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