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Colorado Governor Meets with Eocycle Turbine Owners

Oct 16 2019

Yuma, Colorado – It was an unseasonably warm fall day in October of 2019 when Colorado Governor Jared Polis visited Yuma County, in his state’s northeastern most corner. Far from the imposing Rocky Mountains which Colorado is known for, the land in this area is dry, flat and arid. Near perfect conditions for generating clean, renewable wind power.

The Governor was on hand for a viewing of the wind turbines and facilities in the area, with Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg alongside. Our very own Paul Dawson was on hand as well to explain to Governor Polis the advantages of our turbines, proudly in operation in the centennial state.

Erick Farmer, owner of an Eocycle turbine discussed the benefits and some of the obstacles to increasing the use of turbines throughout rural Colorado during the tour, which was organized by the Colorado Livestock Association.

“Our wind turbines provide approximately 60% of our power at Heritage Dairy, and even more at our feedyards” said Farmer, owner of Heritage Dairy. “This allows us to not only be more efficient and cut costs, but also allows us to be part of a bigger picture of becoming more sustainable.  We are proud to be part of this movement. It was important for us to also inform the Governor not only of our success with these wind projects, but to also enlighten him with the hurdles associated with renewable energy implementation in our County and State.  We hope that this discussion with the Governor will help lead the path to more renewables as part of the future of ag in Colorado.”

During the tour, State and County officials, along with Mr. Dawson, Mr. Farmer and others, discussed the county’s impressive agricultural production and how the agriculture industry is the driver in Yuma county and is critical to the sustainability of rural communities throughout Colorado.

For more details, see this article posted by the Colorado Livestock Association:


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