Battice, Belgium

Giving Solar a Boost

Based in Battice, Belgium, Enersol specializes in renewable distributed energy resources (photovoltaic, solar thermal and now distributed wind), delivering clean electricity to residential, commercial and agricultural markets. Their headquarters consists of offices for the design and preparation of solar projects for construction sites, as well as a large warehouse for equipment.

Given the nature of their business, it was important to Enersol to aim at supplying 95% of their energy needs in a carbon neutral way, both for the building and for its electric vehicle fleet (30 EVs and growing). EVs are charging through renewable energy production, thanks to the SolarFleet system developed in-house.

To this end, it was clear to Enersol that solar energy would not be enough to cover its electricity needs, especially in the winter.

Enersol decided to add an Eocycle EOX M-26 wind turbine (90 kW) to their microgrid. Integrated storage will be added in 2021-22 to achieve their 95% autonomy objective.

It’s projected that the EOX M-26 will provide 55% of Enersol’s annual energy needs, while solar will cover 40%.


After careful review of products available on the market we chose to add an Eocycle EOX M-26 wind turbine (90 kW) to our microgrid to satisfy the majority of our energy use. We also chose the M-26 because it can easily be combined with solar energy and batteries to create a “utility-in-a-box” solution for clean and reliable micro-grid.


– Jean De Cambry, Engineer, Project Manager

Our turbines are on the cutting edge of wind technology.


Our S-Series is ideal for small farms and enterprises.


Our M-Series is ideal for commercial and industrial applications as well as large agricultural operations.