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Multinational Ag Giant Turns to Eocycle for Energy Solutions

Mar 10 2021

Smithfield Foods is the largest pork producer anywhere in the world, and unquestionably a leader in its industry. As leaders, there is no one to follow, and so management has had to put much careful thought into its vision for the future, and what the company will look like years from now.

Last summer the company released its Sustainability Impact Report for 2019, outlining its progress on improving animal care, ensuring even greater food safety and of course, reducing its environmental footprint. Again, acting as a leader, Smithfield made an ambitious commitment to cut its greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2025, all up and down its entire supply chain.

Eocycle is proud to be part of the solution. Beginning this spring, Eocycle EOX S-16 turbines will start going up at Smithfield properties in Colorado, with the first of these set to be commissioned May 1, 2021.

Richard Legault, Eocycle’s President & CEO is pleased to see the project coming together. “We’ve always provided clean and reliable energy, perfect for agriculture. Now, the economics of such projects make more sense as well. Smithfield has seen this, and that’s why they’ve chosen to go ahead with installing our turbines at multiple sites. They realize we can deliver clean energy, entirely self contained and on site, and cut their costs at the same time. It’s never been a better time to go green.”

Wind energy is one of the core elements of Smithfield’s plan to cut GHGs by the equivalent of 900,000 cars by 2025. The company’s agreement with Eocycle is designed to deliver reliable, cost effective renewable energy at all 23 of Smithfield’s facilities in eastern Colorado. In time, the company projects that wind will be the source of more than 15% of its total energy consumption in the United States.

Eocycle’s EOX S-16 turbine offers customers the strongest power generation available in this size turbine. And, it performs exceedingly well in eastern Colorado, as one of our turbines in a nearby county consistently delivers the most power in our entire fleet. Even Colorado governor Jared Polis has visited one of our sites in the area to learn more about how Eocycle delivers the most bang for your buck in the distributed energy industry.

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