Port of Oostende

West Flanders, Belgium

Delivering Wind Power to Offshore Wind Plants

The Port of Oostende in Belgium has become a leading wind energy hub, providing training and accommodation for maintenance crews and serving as a sail-out port for the installation of offshore farms in the North Sea. In a setting where each square meter of ground surface is an asset that can be rented out, the choice for a distributed wind turbine with a minimal footprint is an obvious one.

The Eocycle EOX M-21 turbine (100 kW) was placed in the middle of the Port zone and delivers about 300,000 kWh per year of carbon-free electricity. It serves as a highly visible beacon, and it makes the sustainability ambitions of the Port very tangible.

Distributed wind turbines placed on the docks of ports make a lot of sense, considering both the siting and economics. The closeness to the sea ensures a good wind resource, while the industrial environment lends itself well to on-site generation. In addition, industrial processes of companies in the port ecosphere can optimize the local offtake of the electricity.

The Port of Oostende is not only inhabited by off-shore wind technicians, but also by seagulls, sterns and other flying wildlife. A study of migratory routes and daily flight patterns was conducted, and siting of the Eocyle M-21 was adapted to minimize the risk of a bird collision—ensuring the airborne inhabitants of the Port welcome the Eocycle turbine as much as the ground-based ones.

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