Pratt Hatchery

West Flanders, Belgium

Matching the Agricultural Load with Wind

Pratt runs a poultry hatchery in West-Flanders (Hulste, Belgium). The chicks are bred at a controlled room temperature with continuous ventilation—which consumes a significant amount of electricity. To run their farm in the most sustainable way, the owners invested in an Eocycle wind turbine.

The Eocycle EOX M platform (90 kW) is ideally suited for the wind resource on site, and the turbine blends in very well among the semi-agricultural and industrial character of the surroundings. The turbine provides up to 65% of their electricity needs when they need it most: in the colder fall and winter months when the heating need (with heat pumps) is the greatest and wind speeds are highest.

Electricity has revolutionized the industry of farming, and Eocycle provides farmers with a clean and cheap resource to power their processes. Farmers are attached to their land and welcome different means of harvesting from nature.

Many farms and agricultural businesses are family-owned—with often the third or fourth generation at the helm. The time horizon against which they evaluate their investments is not expressed in quarters, but more often in decades. An Eocycle wind turbine that has been designed for a 30 year lifetime matches that vision.

Our turbines are on the cutting edge of wind technology.


Our S-Series is ideal for small farms and enterprises.


Our M-Series is ideal for commercial and industrial applications as well as large agricultural operations.